Lucy Progress and Whiny Pups

Hi All!

My Margret was really excited this morning when she saw me sitting  on the top floor of my throne. It’s the first time she has seen me sit up here. I’m not telling if I’ve done it before and I’ve sworn Linus to secrecy.

I have my appetite back and if my bowl is empty I make sure she knows all about it. For some reason that made her happy too. I don’t think I will ever figure my people out.

My dog sisters are cranky right now. My Margret gave them their Advantage and afterward they have to be separated for an hour or so so they don’t lick it off of each other.

Well Belle usually goes upstairs, Bess goes to the living room and dining room and Bonnie goes to the kitchen.                              So Belle decided she was fed up being a good girl and refused to go upstairs. She invited My Margret to rub her tummy not once but twice. Against her best judgement My Margret allowed Belle to stay in the living room. 

Bonnie went upstairs when she decided that she was going to try and do this.

This is the first time that one of my pup sister started to realize that they can get over the gate if they really want to. Luckily there is a door and much to Bonnie’s dismay My Margret shut it.

Bess is in the kitchen and is barking to let My Margret know she’s not happy. So My Margret is turning in it into no bark lessons.

My brother Linus isn’t letting it disturb his Sunday afternoon nap. I’m telling you he can sleep through anything!

~ this is Lucy “the listening to my sister pups whine and it’s getting old” Kitty for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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    • Hi Mrs. Carolyn, It’s getting there. Have a good week at the conference. ~ rumbly purrs, Lucy

    • Hi Cupcake! Sitting on my throne makes it easier to keep track of anyone. I like the idea of being adventurous at my seasoned age. Thanks! ~rumbly purrs, Lucy

  1. Hi Lucy. If your Mom was cooking, Bess would have been thrilled to be the one in the kitchen! Isn’t it fun to be upstairs and see everything that goes on from the safety of your double crate? Keep getting better dear girl.

    • Thanks Mrs. Amy! I do like my crate. It is kinda of fun now that I’m getting used to it. Yes that would have made Bess love to be in the kitchen. Maybe I’ll suggest that next time. ~ rumbly purrs, Lucy

  2. So happy to see you looking and feeling better Lucy! Hope all the whining wasn’t too disruptive! I’m jealous that your brother Linus can sleep through anything!

    • Hi Mia! Thank You! I keep telling Linus that he needs to give how to sleep anywhere and through anything lessons. But he’s not listening to me, yet. ~ rumbly purrs, Lucy

  3. Hi Lucy! We’re sure glad you’re starting to feel better!
    We do Frontline Plus and our mom has to make sure we don’t do neck-grabbies for a while afterwards.
    Just as an aside, please let your canine sisters know that not only can they jump that gate if they want to, but it’s really not hard to knock it right out of the door frame or stairway. No, really. We have one just like it. If they need a tutorial, have them give me a call.
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

    • Hi Maggie! Shhhh! That’s very kind of you but we don’t want them to find that out. My Margret and I have to have some way to stay a step ahead of them. 😀

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