Who’s ear infection free. That’s right,  this Pup is!!! My Greg took me to see our vet for a recheck  on my ears.  She said it wasn’t only gone it was totally gone!!!

To celebrate me and My Greg went to a park and went for a walk.  I had never been there before and there was a lot to see and smell. It was awesome! 

I heard My Greg tell My Margret that I was really good I didn’t pull on my leash and stayed beside him with only a few side trips to check things out. 

Guess what else…I heard him say that we were going to go back there and next time we might get some ice cream. 

~ this is Belle “the I’m all better” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties!

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  1. How great that your ears are all free of infection! I bet you had tons of fun reading all the pee mail at the new park. And ice cream next time…mmmm. Sometimes Lexi would get brain freeze and shiver uncontrollably and I would have to sit with her in the warm car, but it never stopped her from eating ice cream!

    • Hi Mrs. Amy! It was fun reading all the pee mail. My Greg was really patient with me and let me read all I wanted.
      Lexi knew that no matter how cold you get ice cream is worth it!! ~ nose nudges Belle

  2. Belle, You look so happy and beautiful. (Contentment seems to glow in her face.)
    I would like to see Greg smile too! Just kidding, but — glad they had a good time.

  3. Belle, we are SO HAPPY to hear this news! I think this does call for a walk to the park for ice cream!!!!! And we read that Lucy is doing well, too! You all have a lot of celebrating to do! (Sorry we got behind — mom is doing probably more than she should, recovering from the broken wrist and sprained wrist, then gets all swollen and super-sore and doesn’t want to help us comment on the blogs. Not fair!)

    • Hi Cammie! Thank you, things are sure better than they were last week. Wouldn’t it be great if we could type then instead of just telling our people what to write we could do it ourselves.
      Swollen and super sore isn’t good. We hope your mom takes things a bit easier so her wrists feel better for good. ~nose nudges Belle

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