Looker Outer

Hi Everyone!

I am sooo excited. As everyone knows I’m the looker outer in my family. I keep watch and check out noises and stuff to make sure everyone knows what’s going on. 

My Margret and My Greg just made my job a lot easier. There use to be child gates so we couldn’t go upstairs unless it was bedtime or out in the front room or up in the upstairs bathroom. Well a couple of weeks ago the gates came down and it’s so much fun, there are more windows to look out now and lots more to see!


So many in fact that I’ve been busy training  my sister pups and brother kitty Linus to help me look out them.                                 Oh! Are you ready for this?!  The windows are open, that’s right open so at night when we are sleeping I can hear things better and let everyone know about it! 

I’ve also been training My Greg to be a letter outer person. He’s getting really  good because I’m giving him LOTS of practice letting me out then in then out then in then out to our pup pen so I can keep a closer eye on things such as the bunny burglars and those pesky spy birds who are busy sending messages all day long!

It’s a fun job but I’m telling you it’s enough to wear a pup out!

Oh I almost forgot, my sister kitty Lucy is doing really well.  She has settled in and stretches out to take lots of naps. My sister Belle has figured out how to climb past the crates to sit on the window seat. My sister Bonnie almost got the blankie out of the crate till My Margret saw it and put it back. Linus lays on top of the crate to keep her company and I only bark at her when I come in from outside or when I wake up in the morning. Lucy doesn’t seem to care that I’m barking she just gives a little hiss and that’s all.   My Margret’s says we are all adjusting.

~ this is Bess “the looker outer” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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  1. Hi Bess. Has Angel Lexi been teaching you the inyout game (pronounced in-yout)? She played that with her dad every day I left her home with him. We refuse to play it with our Lucy, and she isn’t as obnoxious, er, I mean insistent, as our Lexi was. I am very glad to hear everyone is adjusting, and that you have full access to the house now. How exciting for you!

    • Hi Mrs. Amy, yes she is, Angel Lexi is a very good teacher! She says I’m a very good student. ~Bess Pup

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