Things are going great. Lucy appears to be adjusting well to her new accommodations.  

We have been using “leave it”, ” find it”, body blocking and treat filled Kongs to help the pups learn how to act around a senior kitty.   Bess Pup is responding well and after an initial round of barking when she first enters the room to let us know that Lucy is there settles down and pretty much ignores her. Bonnie Pup checks her out every now and then but for the most part leaves her alone. And Belle ah sweet Belle Pup goes between checking on Lucy and wanting to join her in the crate. Belle has always loved her crate.

Lucy is enjoying ear scratches, gentle cuddles and carries on conversations with us as verbal kitties do.

Thanks again for your prayers and caring about our sweet girl and the rest of the  pups and kitties.  ~ Margret

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    • Thank you! We are looking forward to when the new normal is routine. Linus Kitty has been napping a lot today. I think his nose is out of joint so I’m trying to give him some extra attention. ~ hugs and cuddles, Margret

  1. Especially love the scenes of Lucy enjoying a good ear scratch and Belle (?) and Lucy having a silent conversation. You all have handled this like pros.

    • Thanks Amy, that means a lot. I’m going to remember that on the bad days. Lucy loves to lean in to the hand that’s giving her an ear scratch, when she did that I knew she was feeling better. Yep, that was Belle. I love watching how they communicate. ~Margret

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