Stitch Free

My Greg took me to get my stitches out today.  I am officially stitch free with no restrictions!  Now it’s time for some rehab. The plan is that I’m going to be hanging out in my condo until I am able to jump up to my favorite high up places.

My Margret is going to put some chairs near them so it’s easier for me to jump up.  

My Greg is building a door to put at the entrance of the basement so I won’t be tempted to go back down to my basement kingdom. 

Then when the pups are outside and My Margret is home she’s going to open the door of my condo so I can get used to being out and about. But she’ll put me back in and shut the door when the pups are in the house or everyone is gone.            

After I can jump up easily to my high places the pups will start be in the house at the same time that I’m out of my condo. I heard My Margret say that we are going to take it real slow.  I like that. In the meantime I’d better rest up I’ve got a lot of work to do.

~ this is Lucy “the stitch free” Kitty for the rest of the pups and kitties

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    • Thanks Cupcake! We’re going to try some time out of my condo this evening and see how it goes. ~ rumbly purrs Lucy

  1. Time now for rehab. Your plan sounds workable. I hope that you can strengthen those muscles and joints to adjust for carrying your “jump” to higher ground. I wonder if the pups will even notice the difference. Your rehab director has a good plan.

  2. Lucy, you are making a wonderful recovery. Your Mom and Dad will be sure you figure out your new habitat in safety. Ear scritches to you.

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