Never Underestimate A Determined Kitty

So this happened 5 minutes out of the condo.Then this happened.                                    ~this is Lucy ” the nothing’s going to stop me” Kitty for the rest of the pups and kitties.

P.S. I thought climbing up to the top of the buffet would take Lucy at least a few days to accomplish. Nope after opening her condo door she came up to me for a quick cuddle and started to explore. I left the room for a minute, came back and found her at the top of the buffet.                      Never underestimated the power of a determined kitty. ~ Lucy’s My Margret

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    • Hi Guys! It’s one of my favorite things, well next to napping that is. ~ rumble purrs Lucy

  1. Wow! I would have liked to have seen her ascent! Lucy is remarkable, but then you wouldn’t have expected anything less? I hope that she is careful ….
    take care. I am glad that she felt like visiting one of her favorite places.

    • Hi Mrs. Carolyn, I’m very careful. I haven’t figured out how to climb down yet so My Margret gave me a hand when I was ready to come down. Gotta save something for tomorrow! ~ rumbly purrs Lucy

    • Hi Cupcake! I never thought of that but you are right! Now if I only had some of his cool gadgets….~rumbly purrs Lucy

  2. For sure! The best way to assure the success of a cat’s adventures is to assume they can’t climb, jump, hop that far because they will always figure out a way! The buffet called to Lucy, “You can do it, kitty! You can do it!”

    • You are so right, tell me I can’t then stand back and watch me do it! ~rumbly purrs Lucy

    • Hi Maggie! Thanks! I was careful, when I couldn’t get down I asked My Margret for help. She said it won’t be long till I figure out how to go down as easily as up. ~ rumbly purrs Lucy

    • Hi Mia! Thanks for being excited for me. My Margret and My Greg were so excited that I thought they were going to hurt themselves they were smiling so big. ~ rumbly purrs Lucy

    • She sure hasn’t let it stop her that’s for sure. She’s such a sweet tough kitty. ~ Margret

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