Today was take your dog to work day. My Margret and My Greg didn’t get that memo so we helped them work at home while they were doing yard work.

We all took turns telling them what to do. They couldn’t have done it without us.

~this is Bonnie, Belle and Bess “the best yard work supervisors in the world” pups for the pups and kitties.

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  1. You couldn’t have any better lookin’ supervisors. I hope they were not too bossy. Were Lucy and Linus the administrators? Everyone working together!!! It was a beautiful day. (A thought — your trees are old — there long before your home or much of the land was settled perhaps.) Isn’t that a nice heritage?

    • Hi Mrs. Carolyn! Yep we all work together to keep My Margret and My Greg on task. It’s a hard job sometimes. A lot of the trees were planted around our house were planted when My Margret was a very little girl so they are very very old! ~ nose nudges Belle Pup

  2. Girls, I bet you could have helped a lot more if they had let you out of the fence. Digging holes, for instance. In any case, it’s nice to see you out in the sunshine enjoying the day. (And not just your behinds as you run off into the distance if you were out of the fence.)

    • Hi Mrs. Amy! We’re outside all the time we just can’t get our Margret to take pictures then. If we are out of our pup pen we head straight over to our neighbors cattle lot, oh and we don’t remember to look both ways before crossing the road. I heard My Margret say that’s one more thing we are going to work on. I don’t know what she means we think it works great just the way it is! ~ nose nudges Belle

      • Yes, Belle, even in the country there are cars that speed down the road and can run over a dear pup. Please be careful. It would break your Margret’s heart if anything happened to any of you.

      • I will Mrs. Amy. I wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt My Margret or My Greg. ~ Belle

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