What’s A Pup To Do?

My Margret and My Greg have been helping me learn to not bark as much. Especially at Lucy Kitty because it used to scare her.

Well not anymore in fact she’s starting to meow at me BEFORE I even bark at her.

Then I get into trouble so I ask you is that even fair?

~ this is Bess ” the what’s a pup to do” pup for the rest of the pups and kitties

PS from My Margret, While we are at work or out and about and the pups are out in their pup pen we open the door to Lucy’s condo. She wastes no time in going to the top of the buffet where she settles down for a long snooze. She is getting used to taking some spills but immediately tries again and usually succeeds. Oh and Bessie is right Lucy has started meowing at the pups. I know she’s feeling better when she starts to agitate!

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  1. Oh. Well … good luck, Bess! I don’t bark, but I sure do love the sound of my own voice. It’s sort of a Siberian thing. I’ll have to get my mom to take a vid.
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

    • Hi Maggie! I would love to hear your voice do would my sisters! We won’t let Lucy hear it though I wouldn’t want you to get into trouble too! ~ nose nudges Bess

  2. Oh Bess, I think Lucy must be giving you what-for about you grabbing and hurting her. You just need to let her yell a while longer and I think she will forgive you. It’s good to hear she is feeling a bit spunky.

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