Those Loud Booming Sounds.

We just had 4 years I mean nights of loud booming noises. My sisters didn’t care but I didn’t like it. 

My Margret just kept petting me and talking softly to me. My Greg turned on the music thingy so I could listen to that instead.  About halfway through the loud sounds last night I stopped staring at My Margret and went to lay down by my sisters.  I think maybe I’m getting used to them.

~Bessie “the I don’t like loud booming sounds” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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  1. Bess, you and a few million other dogs. And war veterans with PTSD. They don’t bother any of us (including Lucy and Riley) but we are not fond of them either. You should get a badge or scarf saying you survived July 4, 2017.

    • Hi Mrs. Amy! I’m glad Lucy, Riley and you and Mr. Jeff aren’t bothered by them. Ooooh A badge or a scarf..what a great idea! ~nose nudges Bess.

    • Hi Maggie! I’m glad it didn’t bother you and Cammie to much. I bet that last trip out was a fast one! ~nose nudges Bess

    • Hi Guys! I’m really glad they don’t bother you. What Howiday do you celebrate on the 24th? ~nose nudges Bess

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