Rockin The Mellow Shirt! 

Guess what?!?!?! My Margret ordered me a Mellow Shirt and it came today. My Margret put my sisters out in the pup pen then she put it on me. We played a game of tag while she was trying to put it on me, and I jumped up and down from My Greg’s lap lots of times oh!oh!oh! And I got treats!!!

I like it!   

My Margret had my sisters come in and Belle played the leave it game because the fashion police that she is, she kept trying to take it off of me, but she got treats every time she “left it” so she left it! 

Bonnie didn’t care what I was wearing she just wanted to make sure she wasn’t left out of getting treats. She wasn’t.

I heard that it’s supposed to be rumbly and flashy in a few days but that’s ok I’m ready….I think.

~ this is Bess “the I’m rockin my mellow shirt” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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    • Hi Cupcake! Thank you! We hope it helps too. We did have a good time playing chase. I had to let her catch me because she was getting tired, but shh, don’t tell her I said so! ~ nose nudges Bess

    • Hi Cammie, thank you! Oh I like that you’ve heard of other pups that it’s helped. ~nose nudges Bess

    • Thanks Harper Lee! Why yes she did. I heard her say she had earned it. Whatever that means. ~nose nudges Bess

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