Little People Visit

We had a visit this weekend from three of My Margret and My Greg’s little people. They really, really, really like me! ~Linus

The girls went shopping with My Margret and they brought me back a toy! I played so hard with it that I almost felt like a kitten again. I’m keeping it close to me so it doesn’t get lost. ~ Lucy

They like to play find it with us, so they threw treats for us to find. We like that, then they had us sit, so we got more treats. We liked that too! 

After we calmed down we got to be in the same room with them. They are still little and when we get excited we sometimes forget and jump up.  That’s not a good thing. 

The oldest little person brushed my fur I liked it and by the smile on his face he liked it too. I think he forgave me for jumping on him. ~ Bonnie 

I got to show everyone how I roll over. It took a little while to remember how but then I remembered. Everyone clapped. It made me feel good. ~ Bessie

I stayed close to My Greg until I got used to the little people again. Pretty soon I was getting treats like my sisters.  Although I’m the taker carer pup in the family it sometimes takes me awhile to get used to things. ~ Belle

~this is Linus, Lucy, Bonnie, Belle and Bess “the we had a really good time and can’t wait for them to come back” pups and kitties

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  1. I’m so glad to hear Lucy is feeling well enough to play. And that each of you had your special time with the little people. You may not know it, but you are teaching them how to respect and to act around all pups and kitties. Good job!

    • Hi Mrs. Amy! It did feel fun to play like that again. I didn’t really know that I was doing anything different until My Margret turned to see what the noise was all about then I saw her smile. ~rumbly purrs Lucy.
      Wow! We sure didn’t know we were doing all of that we just thought we were having fun, Cool! ~nose nudges Bess

  2. How fun!!!! I get scared of some little people because they can make loud scary noises and movements. I like the quieter ones better but sometimes I get too excited and I jump up too. Nice work on the tricks Bessie! It feels so good when they cheer for you isn’t it!

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