Just Shaking My Head

I love’em  but I gotta tell you sometimes My Margret and My Greg are clueless and just plain silly.

The other night The Bouncy One also known as Bess found a mouse out in our pup pen. She kept trying to catch it and I was watching her to make sure she did it right… um I mean to give her support.

When it was time to go to bed Bess jumped up on the bed between My Margret and My Greg and kept licking them. They just thought she was happy to see them. *sigh* Finally My Margret got up and said ” show me” and Bess raced down the stairs looking behind to see if My Margret was following, she can be pretty slow sometimes.  Of course Bonnie and I went too.

Bess jumped on the couch scooping something up on her way out to the kitchen. Once in the kitchen My Margret said “drop it” which Bess did, right by the pup pen door.  My Margret took one look and told us to “leave it” and that it was time to go to bed. Once she got us upstairs she told My Greg he had something he had to take care of.   So they both went downstairs when My Greg picked up the, you guessed it , mouse to take it back outside. 

My Margret now makes Bess stick out her tongue before letting her in from the pup pen. She figures if Bess has her tongue out she can’t be carrying anything in her mouth. What? You want to know how she gets Bess to stick out her tongue? Why My Margret sticks hers out at Bess first. * sigh* The silly thing is it works.

~ this is Belle “I’m just shaking my head” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties. 

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  1. Belle, you did a good job tutoring Bess in catching that mouse. I am very impressed that Your Margret has figured out how to get Bess to stick out her tongue. Much better than sticking her hand in Bess’ mouth with whatever else might be in there!

    • Hi Mrs. Amy! Thank you, you wouldn’t believe how hard it was to teach her, I mean she isn’t called the bouncy one for nothing.
      I think that’s exactly what My Margret was thinking. ~nose nudges Belle

    • Hi Mia, My Margret probably would have freaked but she didn’t know that Bessie had been carrying the mouse around right before licking her. Bess doesn’t usually get to lick their faces because she’s too slobbery, she mainly sticks to arms, hands and occasionally toes. ~ nose nudges Belle

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