The Mighty Thunder Dog

We’ve had a couple of storms since My Margret got me my Mellow Shirt.

When I’m wearing my shirt My Greg calls me his Mighty Thunder Dog. He tells me that I can handle anything,  even a thunderstorm!

~this is Bess “the Mighty Thunder Dog” pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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    • Hi Mrs. Amy, I think so and My Margret thinks it’s helping but feels that the real test will be when we have a severe storm. We’ve been having storms but not horrible ones. Although we have more coming tomorrow and the next day.
      I wish I could explain to My Margret and My Greg what happed the day that that the transformer blew because that’s what started it all. I don’t even like being out when it’s sprinkling now. But it’ll get better because My Margret and My Greg told me so. ~ nose nudges Bess

  1. Transformers blowing are very scary, sweet Bess. But Your Margaret and Your Greg love you very much and they will be right by your side to protect you and help calm your nerves when the storm roll in. ❤

    • You’re right they will. I know I can count on them just like they can count on me. 😊~ nose nudges Bess

    • We had another storm last night and wearing the shirt didn’t make it all better, but I wasn’t as anxious so My Margret called that progress! ~ nose nudges Bess

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