Bath Time

Bath Time! Our My Margret said we could all tell you about our baths today. 

I don’t like baths…ever! I tried to tell My Margret that I would prefer going outside or sitting on My Greg’s lap instead of taking a bath. *sigh* But it didn’t work so I decided instead to surprise My Margret and jumped into the tub. She told me I was a good girl and her sweet pup while she was  shampooing my fur. It was taking her way too long so I decided my bath was done and jumped out of the tub. ~ Belle Pup

I love, love, love baths! My Margret was trying to get my sister Bess to take her turn when I just couldn’t wait any longer and pushed past them and jumped into the tub. I also love the taste of shampoo and I licked it off almost as fast as My Margret put it on my fur. It was a fun game. ~Bonnie Pup

I don’t like baths very much so it was fine with me when my sister Bonnie took my turn. I tried telling My Margret that I was done with my bath but she said I needed to at least get wet and at least have a little bit of soap on my fur. I’m telling you it took FOREVER! ~ Bessie Pup

Our My Margret told us that she had a surprise for us after our baths. We really like it!

It helped us stay busy while we were waiting for our fur to dry.

And waiting…

And waiting some more.

~this is Bonnie, Bess and Belle “the bath time crew” for the pups and kitties.

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  1. What a wonderful account of the different attitudes toward bathtime! Margret, do you have a hand-held forced air dryer for the dogs? If they wouldn’t be scared of it, it would cut their drying time dramatically. Just google it.

  2. What a gorgeous bath time crew. It looks like you’re all waiting (and waiting and waiting) nicely for your furs to dry off. Don’t you three do zoomies after a bath? Mom hasn’t given me a bath since we moved to our new apartment. She says she’s not sure how this will “play out” here….

    Love and licks,

    • Hi Cupcake! Thanks!
      After we jump out of the tub we shake as hard as we can and we have a contest to see who can get the bathroom floor, walls and My Margret the wetest.By the time My Margret is done with all three of us she’s pretty soggy 😃 Then we all lick each other and race down the stairs. It’s a lot of fun! You’ll have to let us know how your first bath in your new apartment goes.

    • Hi Guys! That’s a good idea, we’ll have to tell our Margret about that. Thanks! ~ nose nudges Bonnie, Belle and Bess

    • We understand, but the toys were pretty awesome so it made it a bit better. ~ nose nudges Belle and Bess

  3. Well, at least that’s behind you for a while! We used to sunbathe on the deck after a bath and let the sun and the Kansas wind dry our furs. Now Mom has a super-duper blowy machine that does the job in less than an hour! With our thick coats, it’s really a necessity!

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