There’s Enough For Everyone.

Hi Everybody!

I gotta tell you sometimes my older pup sisters are just plain silly.

Last night, Belle jumped up to sit with My Greg for awhile and Bonnie actually jumped up in My Margret’s lap so she could glare at Belle because SHE wanted to sit with My Greg.

She actually pouted when Belle didn’t move.

I told them that they needed to remember how they like to snuggle together.

Or how they work together to keep an eye on things 

I especially told them that they need to learn to chill like me, because in this house there is plenty of love and attention for everyone!

This is Linus “the chillin because there’s love enough for everyone” Kitty for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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    • Hi Harper Lee!
      Wait…you mean we’re not the size of a teacup poodle? 😉 ~nose nudges Bonnie, Belle and Bess.

    • I don’t know, Mrs Amy, Belle’s been giving me Golden Retriever lessons since I was a little kitten. I think I’m at least 1/2 Golden Retriever. But maybe I need to be a whole Golden Retriever to really understand how they feel. ~ rumbly purrs Linus

    • Hi Guys! Well maybe just a little. But I usually get to sit in My Margret’s lap when she finally sits down for longer than a minute. ~ rumbly purrs Linus

  1. Of course, L. There’s definitely enough love and cuddles to go around at your house. Maybe the girls could switch off so everybody gets to sit with everybody for a while.

    Love and licks,

    • Cupcake! Another voice of reason, maybe they will listen to you! If I know my pup sisters though they’ll make up a schedule just to make sure it’s fair. *sigh* ~ rumbly purrs Linus

    • It’s funny how they sometimes need that reassurance. I know we can show them by doing but sometimes I wish they could understand and be reassured by words.

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