I’m Three!

I’m three! Well officially I turned 3 on September 16 and that was last Saturday.  But My Margret just realized last night that they forgot to celebrate and she feels horrible and awfully bad. Especially since birthdays are a big deal around here.  

She’s afraid she will be thrown out of the dog mom club. I’m pretty sure she is serious although I’m also pretty sure there isn’t such a thing. 

There’s been a lot going on at our house. The biggest thing is that My Greg was supposed to have knee surgery in early September to repair something or other that got hurt a few months ago. But was postponed by something called the insurance company. As soon as the doctors talk it over his surgery will be rescheduled. In the meantime my sisters and I keep him company when he’s icing and resting his leg after he comes home from work and on weekends. 

There’s been other stuff too but My Margret says it doesn’t matter because no matter what she shouldn’t have forgotten.  It was on the calendar and everything but she says that it would help if she would remember to look at the calendar. 

I keep telling her it’s ok,  I mean common I’ve got all the stuffies a pup could want. Well maybe not all but a lot.

Sisters to take naps and play with.

Plus I’ve got the best My Margret and My Greg any pup could ask for. They play with me, cuddle with me, give me really good treats, hold and pet me when I’m scared, gently correct me when I do wrong things and most of all call me “Sweet Pup”.

What more could a pup ask for…except well maybe another stuffie.

~this is Bessie “the I’m 3 now” Pup for the pups and kitties. 

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  1. Happy birthday a week late, precious Bessie. (We share a birthday.) The thing is, if they forget to celebrate your special day, you get double when they remember! Your Mom may have to start a calendar to remind her to look at the calendar, he, he.

    • Birthday twins! Awesome Mrs. Amy! I hope you had a great birthday.

      Double hmm that sounds pretty good.

      My Margret laughed at the thought of another calendar to remind her to look at the first one. She said “great two calendars to forget to look at.” I’ll keep working on her though because it sounds like a good idea to me!
      ~nose nudges Bessie

    • Thanks Guys! I believe I heard something about ice cream tomorrow after My Margret goes to the ice cream store. ~ nose nudges Bessie

    • Hi Cupcake! Thank you! I sure feel all grown up!
      I’m sorry your mom had a hurt knee but I’m glad her surgery made it all better. I’ll tell My Greg. ~ nose nudges Bessie

  2. Happy belated birthday, Bessie! I hope you enjoy being three as much as I did! I recall there being LOTS of fun involved! (That’s sort of like what being four is like, too…)
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  3. OMG it was your birthday!!! Happy Belated Birthday Bessie!!!!!! I think your Margret is too hard on herself, she’s got a lot on her plate! I hope your Greg’s surgery will be successful, I’m sure it will be!

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