Love and Prayers

The purpose of our blog is to show a glimpse of life with our pups and kitties. And hopefully their antics serve to brighten the day of those who read the posts. 

I don’t often use this platform to comment or highlight what is happening in the U.S. or the world. That doesn’t mean we don’t care, or don’t have an opinion or don’t pray for each of the situations that come across the airwaves or happen in the lives of those we know and love.

My heart is broken this morning as we learn more about yet another senseless act of violence with the shooting in Las Vegas. This on top of other sad and tragic situations all across the globe.

Below are a series of pictures of our pups and kitties, may they give you a bit warmth and love much as they give to us in person.

~love and prayers                                   Margret

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  1. I agree, Margaret. I began my dog blog to bring a smile and a little laughter, which I think is needed these days. Lately it’s been about hurricane devastation and rescue. Thank you for sharing this. God bless you and all of us.

    • Smiles and laughter are so important. Thank you for helping to make things better. God’s blessings.

  2. In my mind, this blog highlights the triviality of what people get fired up about, such as “too many animals in a house.” Maybe if all those folks took issue with the really important stuff, the stuff that means people’s lives, something would be done.

    • I agree, wouldn’t that be great if people would start working together to find lasting solutions to the big problems.

  3. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful photos. Definitely brought a smile to my face! 🙂 (especially with all the terrible things happening around the world. I felt sick to my stomach after reading about the tragedy in Las Vegas)

    • Well, Belle started giving Linus kitty Golden Retriever lessons when he joined our family at 6 weeks old, so he’s pretty much a dog. And Lucy kitty is the family matriarch. Bess does bark at her but usually after Lucy agitates her.

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