The Return Of Baby Alligator Jaws

I found a very tasty fake leaf. It was mine and I didn’t want to “give” so I didn’t. I just clamped down harder than ever on that leaf. 

First I looked this way.

Then that way.

Then this way again.

Then…well you get the idea.

I gave it my all, but after 5 minutes I finally gave up. My Margret says that’s a personal best for me.  I’m so proud!

~this is Bessie “the baby alligator jaws returns” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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  1. Bessie, I am sure pups everywhere would be proud of you. Xena likes the real leafs, and I usually let her eat them. (I bet if your Mom offered you a better treat, you would have dropped the fake leaf…)

    • Hi Mrs. Amy! Um that’s the thing she offered me a couple of my stuffies thst were laying close by. And I just clamped down harder on the leaf and looked away. Now if it would have been a hot dog I might have given up soon, but don’t tell her that. ~ nose nudges Bessie

    • Hi Cupcake! Thanks! Awesome that you understand the importance of a beautiful leaf. I wish you could explain that to My Margret. ~ nose nudges Bessie

    • Well, it was pretty soggy by the time I finally gave up so I’m pretty sure she threw it away. But that just means I need to find another one! ~ nose nudges Bessie

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