One Step At A Time

So I’ve been trying to tell My Margret and My Greg that I want to be out of my royal palace when my pup sisters are in the house. Normally the door to my palace is open so I can be out and about when they are in the pup pen and closed when they are in the house.

Today they finally listened to me and this is what happened.    

First Belle came up to visit.

While Bessie and Bonnie explored my palace.

Then Bonnie came over to talk to me.

Then Bessie came over to join the party. She did a lot of barking to tell me she was glad to see me. 

My Greg kept talking to them and giving them treats while he held me.  To give us tie to all get used to being together again.  He always tells My Margret that he can multitask, I guess he just proved it.

After awhile My Greg decided to take me into the living room. Bonnie and Bessie came too. 

By then I was ready for a break so My Margret called the pups and put them in their pup pen while I settled in on the back of the couch. Shhh don’t tell Belle because she still doesn’t understand why Linus and I can sit there and she can’t.                                          Oh and I heard My Greg tell My Margret that we’re going to do this again tomorrow and the next tomorrow and the tomorrow after that and…well you get the idea.

~this is Lucy “the one step closer to all of us being together” kitty for the rest of the pups and kitty.

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  1. Lucy, you have a very smart multi-tasking My Greg. I am sure that soon everyone will feel comfortable together and there won’t be any more “accidents.” Christmas love, Amy, Lucy and Xena

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