Ear Infections and Co-Pilots

So most of you know that I’m the taker carer of everyone in my home but every now and then I need to be taken care of. My Margret noticed the other day that my left ear was red and yucky and because I am the ear infection queen she knows what they look like and started me on the drops that we always have at home.

She noticed that it didn’t seem like it was clearing up very fast so we went to see Dr. Janelle this afternoon. She looked at my ear and said that the infection was almost all gone but that my ear was still irritated and swollen so she gave me something that will help it to get all the way better.

I got lots of pats and hugs from Dr. Janelle and the staff, I really liked that.

BUT what I didn’t like was that My Margret didn’t let me be her co pilot like My Greg does. So I let her know I wasn’t happy about that. She’s tough though no matter how many nudges or glares I gave her she wouldn’t let me move up to the front. I’m going to have to talk to My Greg about that.

~ this is Belle “the I’m a good co- pilot if I would get the chance” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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    • Oh my goodness Mrs. Amy, I hadn’t thought of that, good thing I haven’t talked to him yet! Thanks! ~ nose nudges Belle

  1. I hope your ear is all better soon, B. I am usually a backseat copilot, too. Apparently, the in the front seat, the airbag might kill me. Mom always wins in these “discussions.”

    Love and licks,

    • Your mom needs to win that one. I sure wouldn’t want anything to happen to you Cupcake. Hey, we could start a Backseat Copilot club! ~nose nudges Belle

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