Misery Loves Company Or Something Like That

They say misery loves company and I didn’t want my sister Belle to be lonely.

My Margret noticed I had been scratching my ear and then she saw my sisters lick at my ear. Seems that I have a quarter size owie on the underside of my ear flap along with all the signs of an ear infection. The cone is so my sisters can’t keep licking my ear. My Margret said I would soon be cone less and that both Belle and I would be feeling better. I hope she’s right.

~ this is Bessie “the I didn’t want Belle to be lonely” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties

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  1. Bessie, I hope next time you can find a different way of making your sis feel less lonely! Prayers for both of you to have healthy ears again. ❤

  2. Hi Mrs. Amy, My Margret said to tell you thank you for the prayers. And that we really appreciate them. She also says that she agrees with you and she keeps thanking Bonnie for being healthy. ~ noxe nudges Bessie

    • Thank you 😊. Belle is feeling a lot better. I finally figured out how to chew on my bone and carry my stuffy while wearing my cone, so that helped. ~ nose nudges Bessie

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