It’s Just Us

Our My Margret is so goofy. She found a picture of us that she says totally shows our personalities.

We don’t get it. It’s just a picture…right?

I mean just because I like to be comfy All. The. Time.

Just because I’m concentrating on my chewy toy

Just because I’m kinda laying on my sister while I chew my chewy thingy.

Nope we don’t get it.

~Bonnie, Belle and Bessie “the it’s just us” Pups for the rest of the pups um er kitties.

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    • Don’t feel bad Mrs. Amy, My Margret and My Greg sometimes have to look at Bonnie and Belle’s collars to tell us apart. The two of us are littermates and have been color coded since we came home. Our sister Bessie has a different built plus she is bouncy so its easy to tell who she is. In the picture where we are all looking at you left to right is Bonnie, Bessie and Belle. On the couch left to right its Bonnie, Belle and Bessie. ~ nose nudges the Pups.

  1. I have a question because we have two dogs that look alike and people confuse them all the time when they dont really even look alike they are just the same breed…do you have this happen often with yout girls?

    • All the time, in fact Greg and I sometimes still have trouble telling our two older pups apart and will do a quick collar color check. Bonnie and Belle who are 5 years old are littermates and have been color coded since we brought them home. They are American Goldens, Bonnie wears a red collar and Belle wears a blue one. Bonnie’s ears are higher on her head and Belle’s are set lower otherwise except for their personality they look a lot alike. Bessie our 3 year old is an English Cream Golden and has a blockier built. Plus she has a mohawk going down her nose. All of our pups came from the same breeder. ~ Margret

      • I can never tell any of yours apart lol. Our two Ridgebacks came from same breeder as well. Hayley is light wheaten and Alcide is red Wheaten and he is a boy and you can definetly tell 😆 but our parents still get them confused haha. The only one they ever get right is Paisley who is a black lab 😂

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