Early Early Morning Rain and Thank You Licks

So early very early this morning it started to rain. My sister Bonnie and I woke up our My Greg because we wanted to go out. His knee isn’t working too good so our Margret got up to take us out. Um…they might have thought that we needed to go potty…but really we just wanted to play in the rain and tell all of our neighbors that it was raining in case they wanted to come out and play too!

Our My Margret called, and called, and called for us to come back in. We finally heard her just as she was coming out to get us. She didn’t look very happy, I think she should have maybe played in the rain with us.

Did I mention it was early, like 3:00ish early? She just looked at us and said it was time to go back to bed.

Once we climbed back into bed Bonnie curled up next to her and I laid on top of her and we both gave her lots of “thank you for letting us play in the early, very early morning rain “licks.

~ this is Bessie “the I like rain when it isn’t loud” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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  1. Oh Bessie, this is called “crying wolf.” That means if you keep asking to go out when you don’t have to potty, you won’t get to go out some time when you really DO have to go!

    • Oh Mrs. Amy I didn’t know that. That sure wouldn’t be very good. I’ll tell Bonnie we shouldn’t do that anymore. ~ nose nudges Bessie

  2. Oh no! 3am playing is never welcomed by the humans. Mom doesn’t even allow indoor playing at that time. Tonight, sleep like good girls, all through the night – even if it rains!

    Love and licks,

    • My Margret doesn’t like indoor playing then either. We will Cupcake, it will be hard if it rains but we will. ~ nose nudges Bessie

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