Lots Going On

We had big and little people at our house this weekend. I got to spend time with Aaron one of the older little people. We played find it, he had me practice sit and just plain gave me really good face rubs. I liked it a lot!

Next up was Belle, she got to spend time with Katie the youngest of the little people who wanted to give her treats. Her grandpa who is also our My Greg helped her.

Then Ethan the oldest little person ( I’m not sure he can be called little anymore he’s taller than his grandma who is also our My Margret) and Aaron got to pet and give her more treats

When it was Bessie’s turn she was so excited to see the little people that she knocked over the gate and almost My Margret when My Margret grabbed her so she wouldn’t bounce against Katie. We all decided that Bessie needs to calm down a bit and Katie needs to grow a bit more before we try that again. Maybe the next time they come.

My Margret told us that we three pups need to get our taker carer hats on. Something about our My Greg and a new knee in a couple of days. Hmm…we aren’t quite sure what that means but we are getting ready to report for taker carer duty.

This is Bonnie “the there’s lots going on at our house” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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  1. Yes, sweet Bonnie, it’s always fun and a bit disconcerting to have so many people come you your house. It sounds like you handled it beautifully. ❤

  2. That IS a lot of excitement. Little peeps are fun and delicious. Mom and I will send prayers and happy healing thoughts for your My Greg. Mom got a brand new knee a few years ago. It changed her life and went easier than she ever expected. When her knee was swollen and sore before the surgery, I was a good girl walking slowly with her and her cane. After the surgery and rehab, I could hardly keep up with her! One way I helped Mom in her recovery was – every time she put her leg up to rest it, I flopped down on top of it. She said, “OW! Get your bony head offa me!” Your welcome….

    Love and licks,

    • Hi Cupcake! My Margret said to tell you and your mom thank you for the thoughts and prayers for our My Greg. We are glad your mom’s experience with her new knee went so well and made her feel good again, that was very encouraging to hear. You took such good care of your mom, thanks for giving me and my sisters pointers. ~ nose nudges Bonnie Pup

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