Expert In All Things Paper

My Margret and My Greg got a new couch a few weeks ago.

I’ve been waiting for them to take off the tag on the couch that says it belongs to us. I’ve waited and waited and waited. This morning I decided I had waited long enough and took care of it myself.

I don’t understand why but My Margret wasn’t real happy that I took care of that for her. All she said was “Belle! What did you do?” in “that” voice and it made me sad.

Then she said as she ruffled my fur. “Well I’m glad only the tag came off.”

You would think by now she would know that I’m an expert in all things paper. I mean come on I’m the only one that can take tissues out of pockets.

But I didn’t want to stay mad, so to show her that I forgave her I let her give me a tummy rub.

~this is Belle “the expert in all things paper” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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