Have You Seen?

My Margret’s been gone the past few days helping out with the family’s newest little person.

I was so happy to see her tonight that I brought in a mouse to give to her. Then after that I grabbed one of her socks so we could play baby alligator jaws.

I won!!!!

After that my sisters and I have been taking turns sitting with her.

It would all be perfect if she would just tell me where she put my mouse.

Do you know?

~ this is Bessie “have you seen my mouse?” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

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    • I’m not telling and My Margret didn’t look close enough as she was running, literally running, outside with it to find out. 😉 ~ nose nudges Bessie

  1. Yeah, I could tell that My Margret was less than thrilled with the mouse. That’s why I invited her to play tugs with me. That seemed to make her happier…~ nose nudges Bessie

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