Christmas Card Photoshoot

My Margret and My Greg’s oldest big person Jessi took our picture today for our Christmas card. Aaron one of their older little people helped by holding up treats. We liked that so much we wouldn’t settle down. So My Greg said we couldn’t have anymore. After that

Jessi started making the funniest noises and that got our attention. We had a few oop’s before she got just the right pose.

My Margret was really pleased because she’s been wanting to do this forever!

~ this is Bonnie “it’s harder that you’d think to get the perfect pose” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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  1. Hi Bonnie. That last one sure is a winner. Although I like the one above it with the pups all looking to their right. Wonder what was going on “off stage.” Good job girls…wait, where are Lucy and Linus?

    • My Margret wondered about that as well, we’ll never tell! My Margret laughed when she read your comment. There was so much going on with just us in the pictures that Linus and Lucy were playing the hiding part of hide and seek! Maybe next year…

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