Snow Fun

It’s snowing today. We were napping on our pup porch and My Margret came out and said “Girls! It’s snowing let’s go play!”

So we did!

We had a lot of fun!

~ this is Bessie “the fun in the snow” Pup for the pups and kitties.

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  1. Xena, playing in the snow is so much fun. I sure hope you get to see some this Winter. If not maybe your mom could get you some fake snow. ~nose nudges Bess Pup

  2. Isn’t snow the BEST!!!???!!! You girls look like you’re really having fun AND Your Margaret sounds like she is, too. I loved listening to her voice!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

    • Snow is awesome! We were having so much fun! We get excited when our My Margret talks in the silly voices. Well sometimes we roll our eyes but most of the time we like it. I’ll let her you loved hearing her. ~ nose nudges Bessie

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