My Margret, My Stuffie and Me

I love my stuffies and they are never too far from where I am. However we aren’t allowed to take our inside toys outside in our pup pen. Yesterday I was so excited to go out that I forgot to spit my pig stuffie out by the door on my way out to our pup porch.

This morning I wanted to bring my pig stuffie back in the house but it was really cold and dark outside. For some reason I was scared to go out and get it by myself so I went to My Margret and stared at her.

We have this thing that if I want something I stare at her then she hold up her hands and says show me. If I want to go out I run to the pup porch door. If I want a cuddle I stay close to her.

This morning after letting me out then in again several times My Margret went put on her coat and shoes, grabbed a flashlight and said let’s go get your stuffie. So we did!

I’m really glad My Margret understands me when I stare at her. Okay I wish she were faster at it but she’s getting there!

~this is Bess “the I’m glad My Margret understands me.” Pup for the pups and kitties.

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  1. Hi Bess, this is Angel Lexi. You have learned how to communicate well by getting Your Margret to ask what you want and then showing her. It may now be time to take it one step further: if what you really want is a treat, just get her moving in that direction, say, to the door, then turn and go into where the treats are. Getting her up and moving is half the battle to getting the treat. Believe me, I used that ploy many times. Strange, though, how Mom started ignoring me when I showed her I wanted to go out. That got rather uncomfortable at times. Your friend in heaven, Angel Lexi

    • Hi Angel Lexi, I love that I have a friend in heaven. Ohh leading her to the treats is a really good idea! Sounds like it worked pretty good for you, at least for awhile. I’ll have to give it a try thank you! ~ nose nudges Bess Pup.

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