Pups and Kitties It’s Cold Outside

So we have windchills of -50 degrees outside today and part of tomorrow. My Margret got to stay home with us today and part of tomorrow because lots of places are closed including the university where she works.

I usually stay in my room but I decided to go out to my favorite warm register in the living room. Bessie Pup started barking at me so My Margret body blocked and scooped me up for a cuddle. I didn’t get scared but started to purr so we stayed in the living room. Bessie stopped barking almost right away and laid down to think about it. I think she was confused.

A lot of the day has been spent napping. My Margret took photos of all of us being warm, cozy and in some cases, silly.

Linus is resting on his paw.

BonnieBelleMy Margret wrapped me up in her sweater and cuddled me close. Belle and BonnieBessie’s nose gets cold so she has a smushy looking nose when she sleepsBonnie in her silly poses.Sometimes Belle takes up two couches!

We hope that you all are staying warm if it’s cold where you live.

~this is Lucy ” it’s silly cold outside” Kitty for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

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  1. All of you puppers and kitties look warm and cozy and cuddly. The cold is coming here tonight. I might have to wear my PJs to bed. I already wore my sweater under my coat AND my boots to go outside.

    Love and licks,


  2. Bessie looks like she realized she did something wrong. Maybe she will remember to not bark at you any more. I’m glad Your Margret got to stay home and see how everyone spends their days when she is usually at work. Oh, and that you all stayed warm, too. (We’re almost to 40 today.)

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