Mr. Perfect, That’s Me!

My Margret took me to see Dr. Boles for my yearly check up.

When we got there Mr. Office Kitty made sure to let me know this was his place and he was the boss. I didn’t like that very much but My Margret told me that it was ok I was hers and not to worry about it. I felt pretty good about that until I saw her petting him. Humph!!!

Seeing Dr. Boles made everything better. She weighed me and said that at 11.3 lbs I was perfect. She actually said “Mr. Linus you are perfect!” She also gave me some ear and under the chin skritches, I really liked that.

When we came back home My Margret told My Greg all about my visit. She left some important stuff out so I told him about that. He gave me a lot of cuddles that made me feel all the way better about everything. Then because I was so tired I took a nap.and another one.

And another one

And another and another and….well you get the idea.

~ this is Linus “the perfect” Kitty for the pups and kitties.

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  1. It is hard to achieve the “perfect” rank, Mr. Linus. Congratulations.
    Lexi’s first week home as a puppy, the chiropractor declared her “perfect!” and she believed that the rest of her life. 🙂 Miss Amy

    • Thank you Miss Amy! From what I understand Lexi was indeed perfect. I’m honored to be in the same club. ~ rumbly purrs Linus

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