My Stuffies

This morning I saw My Margret gather up my stuffies…All of them…Even my giraffe and cow stuffies. I didn’t know if I would ever see them again, I mean My Margret said I would and I always do but you never know right?

After they were washed and dried My Margret put them in the sun puddle in the living room. Linus Kitty checked them out to make sure they were ok.

My Margret then had me come in from our pup porch.

I was so excited to see my stuffies again, it had been forever! (note from My Margret it was 45 minutes tops.)

Ok so that’s forever, we’re talking about my stuffies you know. Anyway I welcomed my stuffies back and wouldn’t put them down even when I heard a funny sound.

After deciding all was well I went and curled up with my giraffe and duck. I made sure to hide them so My Margret wouldn’t think they needed another bath. If you look closely you can see them tucked under my chin. I hid them good didn’t I?

~ this is Bessie “my stuffies are back.” Pup for the Pups and Kitties.

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