Our Pups and Kitties

Bess, Belle, Bonnie


I love watching our pups and kitties. Seeing their personalities and watching how they interact with each other and Greg and I.

This morning the kitchen fire alarm went off because I burned my toast. Happy Friday…! After the alarm stopped shrieking Linus came up to look at me clearly rattled he wasn’t convinced all was well.

Bess came to me to be reassured and gave me a lick to say oh ok all’s ok now.

Belle who was out in the pup porch scratched at the door to be let in. Something she rarely does.

Linus and Bess were still in the kitchen so Belle went to Linus sniffed and checked him out. Then she continued to do the same with Bess to make sure she was ok. Then she came to me for a quick cuddle and gave me a look that said ok everyone is fine.

Bonnie, who had been sleeping in the living room, showed up at my side a few minutes later to say, I’m here! What did I miss?

Lucy ignored the whole situation.

This situation was a perfect example of our sweet crew’s personalities.

~ this is My Margret for the Pups and Kitties.

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