Sister Getter

This morning we had a thunderstorm. I don’t mind them too much but my sisters plain don’t like them.

Bonnie usually goes and hides in the bathroom or kinda under the bed. While Bess tries to get as close to our My Margret or our My Greg as she possibly can. We all have Mellow Shirts that we wear if My Margret and My Greg are home and Bess has thunderstorm medicine that she also gets if they are going to be home.

This morning when My Margret was ready to leave for work Bess wasn’t wanting to go out to our pup porch and Bonnie wasn’t either. I was already out in the porch but I heard My Margret calling them so I pawed on the door to be let in.

Once in the house I saw that Bess had a leash attached to her collar but My Margret didn’t want to pull her to the porch because she knew that would only make Bess more scared. She’s smart like that. Bonnie didn’t want to come down from where she was hiding upstairs either.

My Margret looked at me and said ” Belle, go get them.” So I did. I snuffled at Bess then ran up the stairs to get Bonnie moving. Both of my sisters took the bait and started playing and rough housing with me and followed me right out the door, My Margret was holding open, to the porch.

She thanked me over and over again and told me I was a very good girl.

I know she wants to know how I do it but I just tell her it’s my secret power.

~ this Belle ” the sister getter” Pup for the Pups and Kitties.

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  1. That is amazing sister-getting magic, B. My mom has no problem hooking my leash on and dragging me to where I need to be. Luckily, I’m not afraid of thunder, but when there’s something I’m afraid of, she manages to get me past it by hook or by crook. I think I need a sister.

    Love and licks,

    • Hi Cupcake,
      Sounds like your mom does a good job getting you past what you are afraid of. I’ll tell you what though I would love to be your sister I bet my sister getting magic works long distance. So anytime you need a sister just let me know, oh and Bonnie and Bess said they want to be your long distance sisters too so looks like you now have three sisters! Talk to you later Sis! ~ nose nudges Belle Pup

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