Can’t Fool Me Twice

This morning it was raining again. I very politely let My Margret know I was quite happy to stay in the house while she was at work.

I should have known she wouldn’t go for that idea. She then asked Belle the sister getter to come in and get me. Well I’m not a dumb pup and I’m certainly not going to fall for that two days in a row!

Next My Margret did a song and stampy dance routine that I really liked so I danced along with her right to the porch door where I said again nope I’m fine inside.

Then My Margret did it, yep she went there, she got a handful of the little treats and walked right out to the porch. Well a treat is a treat, although one of the big treats would have been a little better. I followed her right out the door and sat with my sisters and enjoyed those “early morning rainy day My Margret’s going to be late for work” treats. When the treats were gone My Margret turned, walked back into the house, told us that she loved us, to have a good day and that they would be back tonight. Hmm wait sigh yep that just happened. I wonder though what she going to do tomorrow morning because it’s supposed to rain again and she can’t fool me twice but I might go out for a big bone…

~ this is Bess ” you can’t fool me twice” Pup for the Pups and Kitties.

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  1. Supposed to rain the rest of the week here too. I stay in my big kennel with my studies and treat puzzle. Xena
    I have the run of the house. Lucy
    Y’all really need to train your Mom better.

    • Lucy, we’re trying but she’s pretty stubborn and that makes her hard to train. Xena, your kennel sounds very cozy with your studies and treat puzzle. ~ nose nudges Bessie Pup

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