Back to Normal

Over the past few weeks we’ve had little little people, medium little people and big people at our house. We got to meet new taker carer girls and their dad. And we’ve dealt with lots and lots and lots of storms.

While all of that was fun, well maybe not… ok Bessie, definitely not…the storms the rest of it was really fun but we’re glad things are going back to normal.

Linus Kitty is snoozing.

And my sisters are playing tug of war with a chew bone. Any guesses on who won?

~this is Belle “the things are getting back to normal” Pup for the Pups and Kitties.

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  1. Linus, your pictures are always pretty, and this one is extra beautiful. Everyone get rested up and you will soon be ready for all the little ones again. Xox Xena, Lucy and Amy

    • Thank you Ladies. “blush” we can’t wait until they come back for a visit. ~ rumbly purrs Linus Kitty.

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