Owner Ear Cleaner Outer Award

Last night My Margret noticed my sisters licking my ears and sighed.

Before you could say cheese please my sisters went out to the pup porch and My Margret had gathered up my yucky ear fixer stuff. She always lets me find where I want to lay down and I always invite her to rub my tummy instead, it’s what we do. Ten million goopy cotton balls later and a squirt of some medicine in each ear she said ” Belle, I will rub your tummy until you get tired of it. And she did.

This morning we did a shortened version of that same thing and then late this morning she called our vet office. All she had to say was ” I’m pretty sure Belle Pup has an ear infection” when they put her on hold then came back to say they could squeeze me in to see the vet tech.

Kate the vet tech was very nice but you could tell she wasn’t a newbie as she cleaned out my ears, gave the fur around my ears a trim, and put in some medicine in both ears.

She was talking nicely to me and so was My Margret as they both gently body blocked me so I couldn’t get to the door, open it up, and leave. I know what you are thinking but I would have found a way! Oh and My Margret might have been laying across the wooden bench to help keep me still, but there are no pictures to prove that.

Kate told My Margret that chronic ear infections can crop up real quick. Then she went on to say that she had never see any owner do as good job as My Margret did when she cleaned out my funky gunky yucky ears last night. That really made My Margret feel like she had helped me.

~ this is Belle “proud that My Margret got the Owner Cleaner Outer Ear Award” Pup for the pups and kitties.

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    • I sure didn’t feel very brave and strong but I do now thank you Cupcake! My Margret says thank you too! ~nose nudges Belle Pup

    • Hi Xena and Lucy! Yes, they sure are. My Margret said to tell you thank you for the tail wags! ~nose nudges Belle Pup

    • Hi Miss Mary, wasn’t it nice of me to give My Margret so much ear taker carer practice. ~ nose nudges Belle Pup

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