Stinky Stuffies, Pup Cloud, and Cuddly Cozy Paws

My Margret asked me to go get a stuffie and I nosed it over to her instead of picking it up in my mouth. She asked me again for one and again I nosed it over to her. That’s when she realized that they were too stinky even for me and I started carrying My Greg’s socks.

She washed my stuffies not once but twice and that took the stinkyness right out of them.

That same day My Margret looked up and saw a pup cloud. She said it looked like it was running after a ball.

In preparation for Monday here are some pictures of cuddly cozy paws. Enjoy!

~this is Bessie “the my stuffies aren’t stinky and cuddly cozy paws take the Monday blues away” Pup for the pups and kitties.

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