Tester Kitty

I have pretty much handed over my duties as the “watcher over” the family to Belle Pup but every once in awhile I take on a special event.

This past weekend My Margret and My Greg’s oldest little people came to spend the weekend. It was called the First Annual Grandboys Weekend. Because this was a first I decided to be the watcher over and gave Belle some time off. She wanted to test the belly rub technique first though and said it was perfect.

I decided to test the two handed pat techniques. What an excellent job!

After that it was time to test for the ability to give gentle cheek scrunches while a cousin is being goofy.

Passed with flying colors!

Next was the the ability to give pats while reclining.

Totally Passed!

The final test was the ability to pose nice then get as goofy as possible.

I am happy to report that they all passed with flying colors!

I can’t wait until they come back for the Second Annual Grandboys Weekend!

~ this is Lucy “the test giving” Kitty for the Pups and Kitties

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