Miss Belle the Yuckier the Better!

Despite my best efforts to keep My Margret from finding my hot spot this happened last night.

Guess I didn’t hide it as good as I thought.

Tonight when she came home she called me to come to her and while she was petting me she reached down to feel my paw. It was soaking wet because well you know it’s itchy and no matter how hard I tried I just had to lick it.

My Margret put this on my hot spot last night and this morning in hopes that I wouldn’t want to lick it. The smell cleared out all of our sinuses but you know once I got used to the taste it wasn’t half bad!

But then this happened.

My Margret says we caught it early so I shouldn’t have to wear my cone for too long. I hope she’s right. Oh and she also promised me lots of tummy rubs.

~ this is Belle “the yucky stuff didn’t taste that bad after all” Pup for the Pups and Kitties

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  1. Poor Belle. Your Mom sure is tricky. My hot spot always happens under my e as r was here I scratched. I get coconut oil on it with an essential oil, like oregano or thieves or neem. It as always makes it better, but I can’t lick there. Xox Xena

    • Xena, do you think moms take classes to learn how to outsmart us? I’ll tell My Margret about all those things that help you. I’m glad they do. \~ nose nudges Belle Pup

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