Belle Update

This morning My Margret took my cone off to see if I would leave the hotspot on my paw alone.

Nope, it was still itchy so I did what a pup does which is lick. it. a. lot.

She then took a look at my ears and sighed. Then immediate brought out the cotton balls and ear wash. While she was wiping out my yucky ears she saw a hotspot on one of my ear flaps.

Our vet office found an appointment for me in an already very busy day. They said you don’t let a hotspot go untreated over the weekend.

I’ve got to tell you I was (and kinda still am) mad at My Margret. She wouldn’t let me sit in the front seat. She said I was going to have to wear my cone again. Then she wouldn’t let me hide in the corner when the dr came in to see me. Something about the dr needing to see my ears and paw so he could help me feel better. To make sure she knew I was mad I refused to look at her although I made sure to stay close by her so she could call me sweet girl and rub my tummy.

I got a shot that should help me not feel itchy and feel better soon.

Tonight My Margret sat down beside me and started to brush my fur. It felt so good that I kind of (but not quite) forgot why I was mad.

~this is Belle “the kinda still mad but kinda getting over it” Pup for the Pups and Kitties

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  1. You know your Margret loves you, don’t you?
    Love sometimes means being seemingly cruel to be kind.
    So glad the brushing helped you to remember that. xx

  2. Hi Ms. Mary, I know, she tells me she loves me a lot. Brushing me did help but thinking back what was even better was the belly rubs! ~ nose nudges Belle Pup.

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