Taking Care Of Each Other

It’s been quite a week. We all had our taker carer hats on. Our My Greg was home sick and our My Margret had some oral surgery.

We pups and kitties took turns sitting with them so we could help them feel better. It worked My Greg and My Margret are feeling a lot better!

Early this morning I woke My Margret up to let her know it was storming. We went downstairs to watch tv for awhile. It wasn’t too long before she told Belle and me that it was time to go back to bed.

A couple of hours later I let her know it was storming again. We went back downstairs and she held me until I wasn’t scared anymore.

I like how we all take care of each other

~this is Bessie “the we take care of each other” Pup for the Pups and Kitties

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  1. So much love going on in this family!
    How well you look after each other.
    Glad Margret and Mr Greg are doing well again.Good job guys.

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