Belle’s Massage

Tonight while I was writing Christmas cards Belle Pup came and stood next to me and put her nose on my leg. When I asked her what she wanted she sat down and waited. After I started to give her a massage she laid down and closed her eyes. I love that this sweet pup likes the massages enough to come and ask me for one. Thank you Sue (About a Dog- Pawsitive Canine Massage) for showing me how to make my pup feel better.

I turned around and saw to my surprise Linus Kitty and Bessie Pup waiting their turn.
~this is Belle’s My Margret for the Pups and Kitties

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    • Hi Girls! That would be a very satisfying way to spend my time! Belle just kinda melted into a puddle she got so relaxed. ~ cuddles and love to you both and your mom. the Pups and Kitties My Margret

    • I loved the Miss Hathaway quote! They are very smart and are patient enough to keep telling me what they want until I understand them. ~ Cuddles sweet Cupcake, the Pups and Kitties My Margret

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