Patiently Waiting

My Margret and My Greg’s big and little people were home this weekend for their family Christmas.

There was a lot going on so my sisters and I were happy to spend some us time in our pup porch and pen.

Everyone went home today and we have our My Margret and our My Greg all to ourselves again.

My Margret came into the living room after talking to Aunt Mrs. Barb about another Christmas celebration and found all of us and My Greg sleeping in our favorite places.

BelleBonnieBessieAfter our naps My Margret brought in an armful of newly washed stuffies. Bess got so overwhelmed thinking about which ones she wanted to carry around that she had to lay down for awhile. She finally decided and jumped up to give them to My Greg. She must have had at least four of them!After awhile Bess jumped up beside My Margret, who was looking at recipes and took another snooze. Awhile later Bonnie jumped up to take her turn sitting with My Margret.

In a little while it’s going to be my turn to spend some time with My Margret. In the meantime….

~ this is Belle “the patiently waiting” Pup for the pups and kitties.

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  1. Such good, well-behaved pups catching up on your rest after all the company. Holidays are like that, though. We all overdo it and then get tuckered out. Naps, cuddles, and toys help a lot!

    Love and licks and Merry Christmas,

    • Thanks Cupcake! You are right those three things do help out. We wish you and Miss Genevieve a very Merry Christmas. Love Bonnie, Belle, Bess and our My Margret

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