Updates and the Pillow Tester

So last Sunday night I hurt my paw. My Margret posted it on our Three Pups and a Couple of Kitties Facebook page. I asked why she didn’t write about it on our blog and she just looked at me. I asked her if she would copy the post here and she said yes.

“Ugh! Belle ripped a nail on her left rear paw down to the quick. It was hanging by a thread. I talked to our vet and he told me what to do. With Greg distracting her I took care of the nail, cried a few tears and used flour to stop the bleeding. We are to keep an eye out for infection. Belle, then went and rang the gotta go chime not to go out but to ask for not one but two treats. Belle baby whatever you want sweet pup whatever you want.”

That same night she noticed that Bessie had a hot spot on her inner ear flap. So while she was putting medicine on Bessie’s ear she told Bonnie that she needed to stay healthy.

Today My Margret noticed I was licking my foot a lot and took a look then called the vet’s office. She took me in and took a picture of Bessie’s ear to see if she needed to make an appointment for her or if it was getting better.

I’m not quite sure how it happened but I ended up with this and antibiotic pills…

While Bessie just has to keep having antibiotic ointment put on her ear. Some how that’s not fair, oh but wait, I get hot dog pill pockets and she doesn’t. That makes it seem better somehow.

So while Bessie and I have been busy Bonnie got a job as a pillow tester. She says it’s a real comfy job.

~ this is Belle “the pillow tester’s sister” Pup for the pups and kitties

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  1. Xena: That is a very cushy job, Bonnie. (Did you get my funny? cushy? cushion? Right? So anyhow, Mommy tells the story of when the nail hanging by a thread happened to Angel Lexi (before she was an angel – I don’t think that ever happens to angels). She caught it on the nap (while she was awake) of the carpet on the stairs. She went to the vet, and the vet just yanked it out. She got them back by shaking her back foot really hard and covering the hole exam room with drops and streaks of blood!
    Lucy: Bessie and Belle, I hope you are all better soon. Pee S: Mommy uses oregano essential oil mixed into coconut oil when Xena scratches and gets a hot spot, and it clears it up really good.

    • Xena, That was a funny, funny! Nap, awake was funny too! Oh wow I bet it took them a long time to clean up the exam roo . Good for Angel Lexi getting the last word.
      Lucy, thank you! Oh and we’ll let our My Margret know about your mom’s hot spot cure. Please thank her ~ nose nudges Bonnie, Belle and Bess Pups

  2. Never a dull.moment in your home pups!
    How about you all stay well and out of trouble for a few days and let your Margret and your Greg recover from Christmas?
    Just an idea…

  3. That’s a lot of poorly pups on your My Margret’s plate. Thank goodness there’s somebody left to test the comfort of pillows – right side up and upside down and sideways. Such important work. Get well soon, friends. And wait. What? ….did somebody say hotdog?!! #bestmedicine

    Love and licks,

    • Thanks Cupcake! It is a huge relief that Bonnie is able to test our pillows. Hot dogs…I know, right! ~ nose nudges Belle Pup

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