Tail Hair Eating Tape and Belle’s New Job

Every time I go outside My Margret has to put a plastic bag on my bandaged foot. I don’t like it very much because I forget and wag my tail and some of my tail hairs get caught in the tape.

If that wasn’t enough the plastic bag feels funny. It’s slippery and makes so much noise that I make My Margret go down the porch steps and out in our pup pen with me. I seriously won’t go unless she goes with me. She’s good like that.

When we come back in the house I sit real still so she can cut the tape and get that bag off of my foot. Then I go do my new job. Bonnie made being a pillow tester look so easy that I decided to become a blanket tester

It’s the best job ever!

~this is Belle “the blanket tester” Pup for the pups and kitties.

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  1. We got a new blanket for Christmas. I have been hard at work testing it in all formations! Keep up the good work, B., and before you know it, your poorly foot will be bag and bandage free!

    Love and licks,

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