Another Bath…I Just Had One. Humph!

We had to take a bath yesterday. I don’t know why I needed one, I mean I had a shower just the other night.

You would have thought that was good enough but no not for My Margret.

To add to that we had couldn’t come downstairs until we were dry. My Margret says if we would let her use the blow dryer it would go much faster but who wants that noisy thing. She says we’ll work on that.

I tried to tell her we wanted to come down but she said it wasn’t time yet and went to turned on some music.

Then we decided to give her guilt inducing looks and on the count of three we gave it all we had. Nope, that didn’t work either. My Margret is a tough one. Finally we gave up and took what My Greg called a drying nap. That must have worked because when we woke up My Margret said “Girls are you ready to come down?”

Finally! I’m telling you this whole bath thing just wears me out!

~ this is Bessie “the I don’t know why we had to take a bath” Pup for the pups and kitties.

Note from the Pups and Kitties My Margret:

We want to wish all of you a blessed New Year. Thank you for stopping by to visit our blog. We love getting to know you. We enjoy your comments and hope our antics bring a smile. Here’s to 2020!

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