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So our pups sleep upstairs uncrated with us and we made the choice to have them do this. Having said this I thought I would share some of the silliness that can happen as the result of this choice.

Typically when we go to bed Princess Belle  drapes herself over the foam wedge that I sleep on due to health reasons.  She gives me the same regal Cleopatra look that she does when she beats me to the corner of the couch that we “share” in the evenings that simply says “I win!” If she could stick out her tongue and say “pbbbtttt” she would.

Bess jumps up on the bed in all of her wiggliness with whatever toy she has brought to bed and asks us if we would like to play one more time before we go to sleep. We usually decline her offer although we thank her for offering.

Bonnie simply comes up lays down on the blanket or on the floor by Greg’s side of the bed and says “goodnight”. That’s my sleepy girl!

Bess has been doing better sleeping all night. Now when she decides we need to party during the night she jumps up on the bed, stands on me, while doing her Darth Vadar breathing (if she has a toy in her mouth) and in all hopefulness says “can we get up, please let’s get up!” to which I reply from under the covers I have thrown over my head, “It’s still bedtime, go back to sleep.”  And to her credit she gets off of me, jumps down from the bed, sighs loudly and lays down on the floor until the alarm goes off at 5:00am

When for some reason she really has to go outside she does the above plus burrows under the covers to lick my face,  if that doesn’t work she goes and gets Belle.  While Bess is standing on or very near me licking me, Belle is at the same time using her head to try to roll me out of bed. Belle is a very strong and determined pup and while she hasn’t rolled me out of bed yet the combination of the two usually works to get me up. If like last night that doesn’t work, they go get Bonnie to help them, Bonnie’s contribution is to stand by my side of the bed and lick my arm, fingers, hand.

I have learned that if they get, “I would rather be sleeping” Miss Bonnie in on the action they mean business! Now the trick becomes to convince them I am awake and to stop licking, head butting, and standing on me so I can get up out of bed in order to take them downstairs and into the pup pen.  Usually Bess when I tell her I’m up regardless if it’s in the middle of the night or in the morning responds by laying on me instead of sitting on me. which effectively hinders the response that she was trying to get.

Our pups have proven themselves to be smart and resourceful so I have no doubt she’ll soon figure that out as well.