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Pups, Party Hats and Linus

I have been thinking about the post I made last night.  The whole pup bday thing really needs a little more description it was so unreal.  I have seen so many photos of dogs (and cats) wearing hats, kerchiefs, shirts you name it, that I keep on trying to get our pups to wear something besides their collars.  They just don’t like to wear anything, in fact they delight in taking things off that I have put on them. 

In the pictures I posted last night one might be deceived into thinking that Bonnie loved wearing her party hat while Belle absolutely hated it. The truth of the matter neither of the pups wanted to wear the party hat it’s just that when I was crazily snapping pictures Bonnie happened to be so enthralled with Belle’s reaction that she forgot to try to take her hat off!

Picture treats, party hats, a very patient husband/assistant, new toys that they weren’t supposed to see yet, and Lucy and Linus kitties who wanted in on the fun but from a safe distance.   The pups found the toys we bought them and they were just as interested in playing with the toys as they were in trying to take the party hats off that I kept putting on them. At the same time Greg is trying to get them  to sit pretty so I can take (cue the music) a most perfect Golden Retrievers with party hats on and smiles included picture that you will probably never see of our pups…

So even though they didn’t want to wear the hats, they still turned 2 years old, they still loved their toys and from all accounts had a happy birthday.

Side note this morning. Bonnie who doesn’t usually like tummy rubs all of a sudden decided they are the best thing since peanut butter stuffed Kongs.

 Linus had a bday this month as well he is now 1 year old,  He still likes to pounce, and bite, and snag you as you walk by him but he is growing up and is learning the fine art of snuggling and is teaching me where he likes to be petted. How do I know it’s a preferred place? He snuggles in for more instead of biting the hand that pets him. 

from our house to yours, that’s all for now!