Tug of War and Keep Away

A few days ago I washed the pups old but beloved stuffed, (well mostly unstuffed since part of the “fun” of these toys seems to be taking the stuffing out) animals. When they were dry I scattered them on the floor and stood back to see what would happen.  Belle was the first to make her choice.  Then a couple of minutes later they began a three way tug of war.  Finally Bess got a little sassy as only little sisters can and taunted her sisters with the prized toy of the minute in a glorious game of keep away!  They all had a fun time.

Freshly Washed Toys!

Freshly Washed Toys!


So many to choose from


Three way tug!


Hey, girls look what I have!


Do you want it?


Nope I don’t think so!

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  1. — counted about 12 or 13 toys and yet they all wanted that special one. We are that way too — According to the pics, Bess held onto the toy?
    It looks like they fun. Hope the pups and the kitties enjoy a nice weekend! Carolyn

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